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‘Ranadipam Basu’ is a Bangladeshi writer, blogger and published author. He is well-known as a freethinker, rationalist and humanist. Till now he has published nine Bangla books, and many of his poems and articles have been published in magazines and journals. Some of his books, ‘Yoga, Susthotay Jogcharcha’ (Yoga for Better Health), ‘Obomukto Goddorekha’ (Free Essays on Freethinking and Literature), ‘Utbochon’ (Freethinker’s Line), ‘Khokar Janala’ (Windows of Childhood), ‘Tiplu’ (Juvenile Story) and ‘Carvaker Khonje Bharotio Dorshon’ (Atheism, Carvaka and The Indian Philosophy), have been well-received and are popular Bengali books on literature, philosophy and rationalism.

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